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  • Steam
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Plan, Build…Prosper? As mayor, it’s up to you to breathe life back into this rundown town. Construct shops, hire staff, automate deliveries with couriers, and attract tourists to town, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes! Who said being mayor was going to be easy…


Work your own hours. Be your own boss.

One quick phone call and, Congratulations! You’re the new mayor of Go-Go Town; a rundown tourism destination, well past its prime. Just like its residents…


With some guidance from the elderly residents of Go-Go Town, you’ll soon learn the ‘ins and outs’ of being town Mayor, starting with constructing and repairing buildings. It’s all in the name of encouraging more tourists to visit!

But don’t worry, work will be a breeze with your tools – chainsaws, drills, trimmers, leaf blowers, and other power tools are at your disposal.

And once you’ve repaired the run-down buildings, decorated the town, and constructed a few new shops, it’s time to put your planning hat on.


You’ll need to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Making decisions about what shops to build, who will run them, how the shops will generate an income, and how to manage the supply chains to the shops, all while making sure your infrastructure is sound to avoid any major catastrophes.

Will you build an arcade with a dance game and neon lights? But then again, wouldn’t it be great to have a burger joint in town? And what goes better with a burger, than somewhere to buy ice cream and milkshakes. And what about souvenirs? Who wouldn’t want a memento from Go-Go Town!


Running a town will keep you busy, but don’t worry – Your residents are eager to lend a hand!

Expand your industries by hiring miners, fishermen, lumberjacks or farmers; Boost your towns commerce by hiring shopkeepers, artisans, and hotdog sellers; And get those goods flowing to where they need to be with a team of couriers!

With the right combination of tools, strategies, and infrastructure your town will be a well-oiled machine.


Soon you’ll find that your busy little town needs more room to grow!

Through the tech tree you’ll be able to unlock features like terraforming, which will allow you even more control over how you grow your town. Larger houses, buildings such as art galleries, and a greater variety of objects that allow you to add your own personal touches to each and every block.


But all of the hard work you’ve put into Go-Go Town will not go unnoticed!

Word about your deeds will spread, and soon tourists will be flocking to town. With money to spend, they will be looking to Go-Go Town to provide places where they can get food and be entertained, benches where they can rest, and beautiful scenery that they can post on social media.

Some of them may just love it enough that they’ll want to move into town.


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